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  • NEXT MEETING: In the Cloud

    23 mars 2017 16h00, Düdingen

    Quelles sont les réflexions absolument indispensables quand une PME externalise son infrastructure informatique ou quand elle veut stocker ses donnés dans le Cloud? Notre Tech Meeting de mars nous amène dans les locaux de Senselan AG à Guin. Senselan a une longue expérience avec le hosting d’infrastructures informatiques. Dans son centre de calcul hypermoderne se trouvent entre autres des serveurs de fournisseurs de services Cloud. Nous aurons l'occasion d'y entendre Wolfgang Straub, expert en droit informatique et droit des marchés publics.


    Wir, die Rega-Sense AG und senseLAN GmbH bieten gemeinsam als regionaler Glasfasernetz-Provider qualitativ hochwertige Dienste in den Bereichen TV, Radio, Internet, Telefonie, Hosting und Server Housing an. Über 10'000 Privathaushalte und rund 500 Unternehmen profitieren von unseren Dienstleistungen und bleiben langjährige und zufriedene Kunden.

    Wolfgang Straub

    Wolfgang Straub hat an den Universitäten Bern, Basel, Lausanne und Genf studiert. Er hat sich in zahlreichen wissenschaftlichen Publikationen vertieft mit Fragen des IT-Rechts auseinandergesetzt.

    Er ist Partner bei Augsburger Deutsch & Partner, Bern und berät private und öffentliche Auftraggeber bei der Beschaffung von IT-Systemen und IT-Services. Zudem ist er als Gutachter im Bereich des Informatik- und Vergaberechts tätig.

    Lieu & Programme

    Nous nous rencontrons entre 16:00 et 16:30 dans les locaux de Happy Dance (Bonnstrasse 22) à Guin. Une introduction et un bref discours sur différents aspects du cloud computing auront lieu entre 16:30 et 17:15. Ensuite nous allons visiter le centre de calcul de Senselan. Après cette visite, un apéro aura lieu dans les locaux de Senselan.


  • WHO?


    Tech Meetings are an initiative of IT Valley, an association of IT companies in Canton de Fribourg / Switzerland.



    After 4 Tech Meetings exclusively in english, we have decided to let the speakers choose their preferred language, resulting in an event that can be now a mix of french, english, or german.


    Tech Meeting #1: e-payment

    29th january 2015


    6 speakers amongst the biggest and most innovative companies of Switzerland, for a meeting on e-payment. A great moment with 50 - 60 attendees, and with Jacques Perritaz - regional cider producer - who has presented us his various cider flavors.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Philippe Lang







    Tech Meeting #2: SEO, Content Marketing & Web Analytics

    26th february 2015


    More or less 40 attendees for a live and very practical introduction to Moz and Google Analytics, by Pascal Hämmerli and Pierre Vanhulst.



    Only the slides of the inaugural talk are available, the presentations where live demos:


    Philippe Lang

    Tech Meeting #3: Mobile Security

    26th march 2015


    Around 50 attendees for an event on mobile security, where 4 brillant speakers have shown us their expertise on Disk Encryption, Wifi security, the SSL/TLS protocol suite and NFC contactless communications.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Philippe Lang

    Sébastien Andrivet

    Dominique Bongard

    Pascal Junod

    Andreas Ehrensperger

    Tech Meeting #4: Internet of Things

    30th april 2015


    Around 40 attendees for a great moment on IoT technologies & business models, with speakers from Wicard, Vidinoti, Swissdotnet & Verisign, which has presented us their brand new alternative to certificates in IoT scenarios, called DANE.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Philippe Lang

    Didier Schwarz

    Mathieu Monney

    Steve Jacot-Guillarmod

    Souheil Ben Jacoub

    Tech Meeting #5: Big Data, Practical Examples

    28th may 2015


    Around 60 attendees for uses cases of the Big Data technologies by three specialists: Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Jean Hennebert and Arnaud Gonon.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Arnaud Gonon

    Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

    Tech Meeting #6: Robotics Night

    25th June 2015


    Between 60 and 70 attendees for a great event with most of the robotics specialists of Suisse-Romande. We all enjoyed in particular the presence of Jean-Daniel Nicoud, prof. hon. EPFL, early pioneer of microinformatics in Switzerland.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Jean-Daniel Nicoud
    Nicola Tomatis
    Stéphane Magnenat
    Francesco Mondada
    Jean-Daniel Dessimoz
    Denis Lalanne

    Tech Meeting #7: Smart City & Open Data

    27th August 2015


    Around 30 attendees for an evening centered around "data", the fuel of tomorrow, and what we can do with it at the city level. José Ibarra and Andreas Amsler kindly accepted to introduce us these subjects.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    José Ibarra

    Andreas Amsler

    Tech Meeting #8: UX Design & Testing

    24th September 2015


    Around 40 attendees for an evening centered around "User Experience", with 3 great specialists: Agnes Lisowska Masson (Youser), Julien Roland (Uservalue) and Bastiaan van Rooden (Nothing). Christine Felder unfortunately not with us.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Agnes Lisowska Masson

    Julien Roland

    Bastiaan van Rooden

    Tech Meeting #9: 3D Printing

    29th October 2015


    Around 35 attendees for an evening on 3D printing technologies, from plastic to metal, and even bio-printing. A great moment for all participants.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Roseline Nussbaumer

    Frédéric Boden

    Dominik Solenicki

    Tech Meeting #10: Technologie Suisse dans l'Espace

    26th November 2015



    More than 160 attendees for a fantastic evening with Claude Nicollier and Mgr. Charles Morerod. With tech speeches by Olivier Moulin (Syderal), Jean-Luc Josset (Space-X) and Ana Maria Madrigal (CSEM).



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Grégoire Bourban

    Olivier Moulin

    Ana Maria Madrigal

    Claude Nicollier


    Brochure of the event is available here.


    Video of the event is available here.

    Tech Meeting #11: Les jours de la pyramide sont comptés

    25th February 2016


    Around 50 attendees for a brilliant and inspiring presentation by Jonas Vonlanthen, partner of Liip SA, a company present in various swiss cities. Apero sponsored by Riedo Networks.



    Slides of the presentation are available here.

    Tech Meeting #12: Connected Home

    31st March 2016


    Around 40 attendees for a great evening with Paul Loffler and Michael Kohler, where we learnt both about the subjects studied at Mozilla and the great story of the Neeo remote control. Apero sponsored by Nothing Interactive.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Paul Loeffler

    Michael Kohler

    Tech Meeting #13: Réalité virtuelle et simulation

    28th april 2016


    More than 60 attendees @ BCF Fribourg for one of our best Tech Meeting ever.



    Most of the presentations are available:


    Qui Cung, Oniroforge

    Thomas Crausaz, Adventures Lab

    Pascal Eggen, Armée Suisse

    Fabien Rigolet, HFR

    Tech Meeting #14: Solutions émergentes pour l'IoT

    23rd june 2016


    More than 50 attendees for a perfectly timed Tech Meeting on emerging technologies for the so-called "Internet of things".



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Sanne Stijve

    Thierry Kunstmann & Olivier Anthamatten

    Tech Meeting #15: Industrie 4.0

    28th september 2016


    Inspiring presentations @ BCF Safe Gallery on the future of our industries.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Mario Ramalho






    Tech Meeting #16: Intelligence artificielle & Deep learning

    27th october 2016


    One of the best and most attended Tech Meeting ever, with great presentations.



    Slides of the presentations are available:


    Jean Hennebert

    Sylvain Egger

    Renaud Richardet

    Nicolas Corsi

    Les pionniers de l'informatique

    24th november 2016


    150 participants who could enjoy the great keynote of Robert Cailliau, visit Musée Bolo and listen to a panel of computing pionniers.



    More infos on the dedicated website: http://pionniers-informatique.ch


    26th novembre 2015 @ BCF Safe Gallery